Our experience includes international reinsurance issues, such as reinsurance disputes involving commutations and intermediary exposure. Cal Branton has represented both ceding companies and reinsurers in disputes involving both treaties and facultative certificates. He has handled issues such as aggregate extension clauses, offset, right to associate, follow the fortunes and settlements, declaratory judgment expenses, fraud and collusion, late notice, balance collection and bad faith.

Our professionals’ experience also includes packaging and presenting reinsurance claims of all sizes to reinsurers nationally and internationally. We do more than help clients’ present claims. Having worked for decades with some of the largest insurers and reinsurers in the United States, we know that many times insurance companies “leave money on the table” when negotiating their reinsurance claims. We are quite familiar with both treaty and facultative reinsurance contracts and we are aware that often remedies provided for and recoveries allowed under reinsurance contracts are not utilized to their full advantage. Our goal is not only to recover, but also to maximize the recovery for our cedent clients.

We know that various reinsurance commutation decisions come with significant risks and rewards. Whether our clients are looking to exit a complete line of business or dispose of a contract with a reinsurer about which they have credit concerns or for other reasons, we can assist with determining the present value of the asset provided by the reinsurance contract by helping our clients analyze the short and long-term effects of the transaction for their businesses.