Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to use our experience to provide solutions at a fair cost.

Experiences, Solutions, Value.


The Gust Law Firm provides a wide range of services to businesses and business people. Bob Gust has represented companies from the time they started until the time they were acquired. Those services include the preparation of organizational documents, the review or preparation of asset purchase agreements and franchise agreements, advice regarding employment issues, the drafting or review of contracts, and assistance with whatever other legal issues arise.

In the event of problems, Bob has broad dispute resolution experience, having litigated issues involving breach of contract, trademark infringement, noncompetes, franchise relations, closely held businesses, mergers and acquisitions, securities fraud, insurance, employee benefits, and virtually every other business issue. He has litigated in many forums, including the state and federal courts in Minnesota, The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, the United States District Courts in Wisconsin, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Indiana, as well as the Supreme Court of Nebraska and the Iranian Claims Tribunal at The Hague.


Lawyers are hired for two primary reasons – to prevent problems and to solve problems. Many businesses consult with an attorney before entering into material contracts or relationships. The lawyer’s role is to help identify the risks and the things that may lead to litigation. No lawyer can assure that there will never be disputes or litigation, but an experienced lawyer can help you understand the risks and pitfalls. The expression: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is most apt. The money spent on a lawyer before entering into a transaction is generally small compared to the money that will be spent if the transaction goes bad.

Despite the best planning, businesses may find themselves in litigation. In many cases, the business is the plaintiff seeking to enforce its rights against others. Winning in Court is a solution. Generally, however, there are many other possible solutions that might be preferable to the time and expense of litigating to the end. The point is that lawyers should be prepared to litigate, but not overlook the fact that other resolutions are frequently better.


Value does not mean cheap. It means getting something that is well worth the cost. The Gust Law Firm strives to deliver value by providing the highest quality services at a reasonable price. In that regard, it has a fixed fee schedule for a variety of corporate transactions and for acting as a mediator. It also handles some litigation matters on a contingent or modified contingent fee basis.

Fear of high legal fees can result in people not contacting lawyers when they should. Furthermore, it can lead to transactions or litigation in which the only winners are the attorneys. The Gust Law Firm wants its clients to succeed and, in turn, recommend it to others. Our fees are not insignificant, but are well below what many lawyers charge. Furthermore, we do not overstaff files in order to increase the billings. We like doing legal work and want to maximize our opportunities to do it.


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