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The Gust Law Firm consists of two related practices – business and insurance. Bob Gust has represented businesses of all sizes on litigation and transactional issues for more than thirty years. Cal Branton has more than forty years of experience in the insurance industry, including thirty-five years at The St. Paul Companies. Bob and Cal met more than twenty-five years ago, when Bob represented The St. Paul in connection with a professional liability dispute. They have now united to provide top notch legal services to businesses and the insurance industry. Like Lewis and Clark, Stanley and Livingston, and Sonny and Cher, they have combined their talents and experience to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Bob’s business practice was originally focused on litigation involving business relationships that had gone bad. In addition to breach of contract, those disputes involved claims of professional malpractice, fraud, intellectual property infringement, antitrust, construction, and a variety of unfair competition and other claims. Those lawsuits generally required the review and interpretation of voluminous contracts and other documents, and the objective was to solve the problem through either settlement or litigation when necessary. Having gained experience regarding what had made things go wrong, Bob began offering services on the front-end in an effort to prevent the types of things that had led to litigation in the past. Hence, the firm’s motto: “Problems Prevented – Problems Solved.”

Cal’s background is similar in many respects. In his various roles at The St. Paul, he authored the St. Paul Fire and Marine agency agreement, directed the runoff of E&O claims for London-based brokerage, and was responsible for reinsurance recoveries. As Chief Litigation Counsel, he oversaw all nonclaim litigation. In short, he has experience with virtually every aspect of the insurance industry. His responsibility at The St. Paul was to prevent and/or solve problems and he has brought that skill set and experience to The Gust Law Firm, PLLC.