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Mediation is frequently ordered by courts in an attempt to encourage settlement. The process is often misunderstood, as it is really just a structured negotiation through an intermediary. Clients always ask if it is “binding,” but mediators do not make any decisions. Instead, the result is only binding if the parties reach an agreement and execute the appropriate paperwork.

Bob Gust offers services as a mediator. He is well suited for the role because he has experience on both sides of most issues. He has represented plaintiffs and he has represented defendants. He has represented big companies and he has represented individuals. He also has experience representing clients from other countries and cultures. On top of his litigation experience, he has had more than thirty hours of mediation training.

While mediation has helped resolve a lot of litigation, it has also become expensive. As a result, the Gust Law Firm offers fixed price mediation. A one day, two-party mediation (including preparation time and follow up) is $2,000. Mediation involving three or more parties costs $2,400. Unless otherwise agreed in advance by the parties, the fees are split equally between the litigants. Payment is required before mediation commences.

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