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Due Diligence

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The term “due diligence” has a legal meaning that refers to the level of care officers and directors are required to undertake before entering into certain corporate transactions. It has a broader meaning, however, and refers to the investigation done by anyone prior to making a decision. The amount of due diligence generally depends on the significance of the undertaking.

Companies that make a lot of acquisitions generally have several due diligence professionals. Smaller entities generally do not have that luxury. As a result, the Gust Law Firm provides due diligence services. Many businesses fail every year because the owners failed to anticipate problems and issues that, in retrospect, will seem obvious. Nobody can guarantee the success of any business, but many people would be much better off if they consulted with professionals before making important decisions.

Bob Gust has taught a graduate level course in Due Diligence at St. Mary’s University MBA program. Ultimately, due diligence is about more than requesting the documents on a due diligence checklist. The process involves analyzing the elements necessary for success and doing an assessment to determine the things that might impede those elements. The Gust Law Firm can guide a client through the process.

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